9th February, 2021

A day after my birthday. A new place of work. Still have a few projects to take on at my former place of work. Invoicing, December losses, teaching Joan how to compose an approval mail. These 3 things have to be worked on. But that’s by the way. Today is the day I officially start work at my new place. A chance to be who I truly want to be. Inquisitive, smart, sharp, creative, imposing, charming, fearless and all the other leadership traits. Drinking coffee now so as to sharpen my mind for the day. I should take a pen and a book to jot down everything I need to know. Attention has to be a hundred percent. Talk to the guys who have been on ground for a while and understand the process. Learn from them. Notice who are the polite people and people with attitude. Those who has the potential to sly anyone. Then briefly think of ways the process can improve. Remember, you are on probation and you must give this everything you’ve got. Two years is what you want to spend here. Within those two years, you will rise to be head of logistics, at all costs. Most importantly, follow your intuition and be yourself..

So, I did this. I followed my intuition for at least 70% of the time yesterday. I asked questions, understood processes, did almost all I was supposed to do. I noticed a particular guy in white shirt with the potential to sly people. Not sure when I’ll see him again, but I’ll keep an eye out. So far, I’ve made unconscious attempts to please people. It’s not like this is bad, but there should be a balance. Remember the mafia adage, “speak only when spoken to”(I should read mafia manager again). So far, it was a good day.



I'd rather sky dive than bungy jump.

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