Why do i want to build a startup?

Manager X
3 min readMar 25, 2021

2014, i had an idea. An idea to build a music network. Not going to go into the details of the idea, but I’ll just say it would have been the first African music network there is in Africa. But for reasons, part of which were mine and part of which weren’t, I did not launch. But I’ll never forget the journey. I felt I was building a game changing project(it was at the time). Being part of that gave me life. Knowing that i was part of something that would change the way people connect with artists of any kind. If I knew how to code, I definitely would have come through with the project(or so I thought). But in retrospect, after trying out several web developers, I don't think i wanted it bad enough cause if I did, I would have learnt how to code and built it myself. It is what it is though(whatever that means). Now there are a plethora of music streaming platforms. I keep thinking, what if i had built “MAFROSIC”? What would it be today? Honestly, i don’t know how it would have turned out. It could have been really huge, or it could have turned out to be the worst thing since Joss Whedons attempt at making a Justice league motion picture. One thing i do know though, is that feeling of regret. Those “what could have been” moments. If it failed, at least I know it failed. After the realization that project “MAFROSIC”” was no more, i had to contend with my job which i hated. I wanted to be my own boss and just chill(lol). Not having to worry about showing to work on time, just chill and chop life. Yeah i know, i was completely naïve then cause i had no clue what entrepreneurship life is about. Aside from the feeling of knowing i created an alternative solution to something, i also wanted to be my own boss and call shots at the highest level. CEO type shit lol. So, there was no “MAFROSIC”

Anyhow, moving forward. The next “idea” i had was an “uber for buses” type model. I called it “Autobus”(I had a knack for naming projects). Now this actually required a lot of money. The algorithm would have been crazy, cause its supposed to pick people up from a location of their choosing and take them to a location of their choosing. But again, i didn't come through with this. In my head, the algorithm was too complex and NURTW would not like me to hinder in their transportation affairs. In retrospect, this was all my fault. This could have been modified to a more simpler algorithm. But again, it didnt happen. So, there was no “AUTOBUS”

Then there is also grizzlies barbershop. An idea that will develop female barbers and also franchisee grizzlies shops to top performing barbers. This didnt launch, cause the risk is to high. What service do i render that will make people choose my shop over others? Questions questions questions…. Anyway, there was no “GRIZZLIES BARBERSHOP”

Now i’m on my fourth idea. An e-commerce platform that will onboard small scale shops, restaurants, electricians, etc and have people within a community order for several services. Will there be “????” ? We’ll see.

So why do i want to build a startup? Is it because i want to make an impact millions of people are aware about? Is it because i want to be able to create jobs? Is it because i feel some level of fulfillment when i am my own boss? I dont know what it is, but i do know i need to incorporate a few things in my drive for entrepreneurship. First is to incorporate due diligence on everything i do. I honestly dont engage in this because i am lazy to put in the work. But if i do this, it lays the ground work for so many things. Second and last thing is to incorporate self belief. If there is one thing about you, Bj, its that you have a good intuition. If you can do your due diligence on any project you want to embark on, your good intuition will help you to decide. Once that happens, that fear should be eliminated. STICK TO YOUR GUNS AND DIE ON THAT HILL. Do this with “????”, just maybe you might visit the other ideas you didnt go through with.